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We utilize a client and story-driven approach to deliver the very best end-to-end production services. From development and scripting to filming and editing, we have the skills and resources to make your vision come alive. Explore below to learn more about our project process, cinematography, editing services, and base rates. Please contact us with any questions, or complete our project request form to receive an estimated quote and fee schedule.

Production · Cinematography · Editing · Rates

What we offer

· Documentaries · Narrative Shorts · TV Commercials · Training Videos · Video Marketing · Social Media Content · Event & Wedding Videography ·

Project Production

Concept Planning

  • Discuss with the client the subject matter, feel, and direction of the piece

  • Outline the approach to the video with the client

  • Write and create a  script when needed


  • Create necessary shot lists

  • Prepare interview questions

  • Check and test equipment


  • Visit the project site to film everything on the shot list, including action shots, b-roll, and other relevant content

  • Depending upon the project, our team interviews the predetermined people and/or films scenes from the narrative script


  • Video is meticulously edited on the basis of the approved script

  • Client reviews the work, and the discussed changes are made

  • Relevant graphics, final sound mix, musical scoring, and color grading are completed

  • Final look for clients and/or any quality control adjustments

  • Final exports are made and delivered

Proj Prod


Experience & equipment

We offer access to trusted and highly skilled cinema and photography professionals, along with a full kit of equipment to meet your needs*.

  • Full frame cinema cameras: Sony F5 (4K UHD), Sony F3 (1080p HD)

  • Videography/Photography: Panasonic G95 (4K UHD, 20.3 MP)

  • Audio and lighting

*Additional equipment may be available upon request

Video Editing

Software & approach

Using Adobe's professional line of video and photo editing software, we can make your story come to life.  By carefully coloring and sequencing the raw video footage, adding graphics or text when required, and designing an appropriate soundtrack, we will make sure the message of your film is conveyed effectively, and captures the attention of your audience.



A number of factors influence production rates:
  • Equipment - camera(s), lighting, sound
  • Number of cinematographers 
  • Shooting location(s)
  • Length of shoot
  • Final film length
Base rates for full production begin at around $1000 per minute of final film length, and total production costs are influenced by the factors outlined above.
Standalone cinematography and editing services are also available.

Please contact us with any questions, or complete our project request form to receive an estimated quote and fee schedule.
Film Rates
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